Best Muay Thai Gloves You’d Want To Try: 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

When we think of Muay Thai, we usually picture a person of thin build, but extremely swift and powerful. And more importantly, merciless. However, the trained eye knows better than to give all credit to the fighter.

He knows that the accessories play an important role as well. And that’s where gloves come in. Like a catalyst, it goes unnoticed to the eye of the audience, but ask the opponent’s face and you’ll get an answer. So in this muay thai gloves review today, we’re going to talk about all the factors to consider.

7 Best Muay Thai Gloves

There is only one purpose that the best set of Muay Thai gloves can achieve. And that is to win matches.

Fairtex Muay Thai

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One of the best in this list, the Fairtex Muay Thai are an all-purpose pair that can be used for sparring, bag work and pad work. Handcrafted in premium leather, this beauty also has a wrap-around loop to support those supple wrists.


  • The build quality is fantastic and the glove doesn’t split at the seams
  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable to train and spar


  • Even with the wrap-around loop, they still fit a bit loose providing inadequate wrist support
  • Sometimes one glove fit differs from the other

Twins Muay Thai Gloves

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The Twins Special is one product that you should not miss out on if you are passionate about Muay Thai. Specially designed with a Velcro lining and premium leather, they are available in all sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz depending on whether you’re fighting or sparring


  • They are a bit more padded than the the regular ones to reduce soreness
  • Great for bag work as well as sparring
  • Value for money


  • Inside slants which might be uncomfortable for some people
  • The sizes tend to lean a little tighter than normal

Top King Muay Thai

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As the name suggests, these Top King Muay Thai gloves are sure to make you feel like a king. Crafted with premium leather and extra padding, it saves you the sore knuckles and painful wrists


  • Durable and they don’t smell
  • The wraps are a perfect fit
  • The delivery was fast


  • Sometimes the knuckle hurts while sparring for long
  • It has been observed that one of the gloves is too tight
  • The leather quality could be better


Hayabusa Tokushu

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With a patented Dual-X wrist closure and Fusion Splinting technologies, this one is high up the list of smart pairs for purposeful fighters. Having a variant for every type works big time for the Hayabusa Tokushu. This is one piece that can’t be ignored for sure.


  • Excellent wrist support
  • Padding is superior to other gloves in the same price range
  • Thumbs covered with normal clothing to wipe away sweat is really good


  • Manufacturing quality is poor overall
  • Delivery can take a while for some people

Fairtex Angular Sparring

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Probably one of the best hand made Muay Thai Gloves ones with high-grade leather, the Fairtex Angular Sparring brand give you an edge with its pre-curved thumb. Add to that the extra wrist padding for better protection and you have a winner here


  • Excellent quality leather and superior fit
  • Great value for money at the price range offered


  • Delivery took a while


Fighting Sports S2 Gel

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The Fighting Sports S2 Muay Thai Gloves is nothing but a pure fighting machine. With absorbing foam, shock suppression gel, and sponge comfort, you couldn’t have asked for better gloves to spar with. A double wide wrist wrap and loop around gives the added support that drives pure results


  • Superior padding helps with a better overall experience
  • Great quality and very durable
  • Double wide wraparound wrist closure (hook and loop) ensures a firm fit


  • A little more pricey but I believe it’s worth the price
  • Wrist support could be improved especially if you are a punch hard


Windy Thai Gloves

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With dense foam padding, and convenient hook and loop closures, the Windy Thai Muay Thai Gloves is probably one of the best for your training and sparring needs. Slightly more expensive than the others in this list, it screams quality from every corner.


  • One of the best gloves for sparring
  • Provides good wrist support
  • Size is as mentioned in the description


  • The velcro straps can come off sometimes
  • Most of the weight is in the wrist strap that weighs you down while sparring

Different Types of Gloves

A lot has been spoken and written about differences and similarities between boxing and Muay Thai gloves. While they are used interchangeably at the amateur level, the rules differ at the professional level and hence you’d be better off using proper Muay Thai gloves for a Muay Thai fight.

For the outsider, it is fairly simple sport and thinking that just about any glove would suffice would be unfair. However, you’d be surprised to know that there are quite a few different types depending on your objective.

1. Training

Like the name suggests, these are the most basic ones that you can use for training, especially when using punching bags. Don’t know what weight to start with? Well, you can start with a 12 oz and gradually progress to 14 oz for punching a weight that’s around 180 lbs or more.

2. Sparring

Sparring ones are slightly more advanced in the sense that they are more angular shaped than your regular training ones and also, there’s more padding around the knuckles to protect your opponent’s face. Now we know some of you must be thinking, how is training different from sparring? Well, training involves a bag, and sparring involves a human opponent.

3. Bag

A simple modification of the regular training ones, Bag gloves are nothing but a lightweight version of the training gloves. The benefit is that your hands aren’t weighed down and you can throw punches more freely with the reduced weight. The newer ones these days also have special padding and shock absorbing material to protect your hands.

4. Clinch

Clinch gloves are specially designed lightly padded ones that come with Velcro lining. These are designed to help simulate real fight clinching but protecting your opponent from eye pokes and fingernail scratching at the same time.

What Sizes?

They say, “it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”. While this may ring true for fighters, it may not be necessarily true for sizes of gloves.

Finding the right size is as critical as finding your opponent’s weak spots. Buy a pair that is too light and you risk hurting your hand as well your opponent’s face. Buy a pair too heavy, and you would be tired before you could hit for long.So what’s the ideal size then? There are usually 3 to 4 sizes that Muay Thai fighters use for various purposes and we hope it helps you decide as well.

16 oz: Sparring Sizes

These are the gold standard when it comes to sparring. The angular shape and the extra padding helps protect your knuckles and avoid long term damage.

12-14 oz: Bag/Pad Work

As the name suggests, these sizes are generally preferred for punching bags and pads. Especially if you are using 12 oz gloves, it will enable you to throw quicker punches thereby also improving your puch speed.

8-10 oz: Fight Size

Since these are the lightest of the sizes mentioned here, most professional Muay Thai fighters use this only for fights as it is light, has extra padding, and speeds up your punches as well. The reason being that using these gloves over a longer period of time for training or sparring can cause permanent damage to the knuckles and wrists.


The Best Muay Thai Gloves differ from fighter to fighter and even more with the different sizes that they come in. However, this article is only aimed at helping amateur and professional fighters with some guidelines and factors to consider while picking out a set of gloves. We hope we become a small part of your journey and aid you in your quest for excellence. Check out these shin guards

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