Best Compact Home Gyms To Try: 2022 Reviews

When you work a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, finding time to go to the gym during the week can be difficult. So if you’re caught in the office most of the week and don’t want to drop the $50 on a monthly gym membership that you’ll hardly use, you might want to look into a compact home gym. Although some of them may be expensive, over time they can be more cost efficient than an actual gym, and will be put to use more too. But of all the home compact gyms out there, which is the best?

Things To Consider

Don’t just buy the first gym you see on an infomercial; there are lot of things you should consider before you buy one. It can be a pretty big investment, so you want to do your due diligence. First, you’ll want to figure out what you’re aiming for. Do you want to focus on your upper body or lower body? Abs or arms? Each home gym has it’s own specialization, so make sure you know what the home gym does before you buy it.

Another thing you want to look at is space. If you’re living in a confined place, you’ll want to get a smaller, compact gym. But if you have a bigger space dedicated as a workout room, you’ll have more freedom in your choices. And last of course, is price. Compact home gyms can be expensive. There are some moderately priced gyms, so if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to keep your eye out for the lowest dollar sign.

If you are still confused about what kind of home gym you’re looking for, you’re not alone. Some frequently asked questions among people shopping for a compact home gym are:

Are compact home gyms superior to actual gyms?

You can get the same physical results from working out at home as you do from going to the gym, except it’s more accessible. The main thing you’re missing is the social aspect of going to the gym. So if you aren’t that interested in that, then you really aren’t missing out on much.

Which home gym is right for me?

If you aren’t looking to use it everyday, I would recommend to spend less on a compact gym. But if you want to get the most of your machine, you’ll want to look at something that can workout your entire body. That it will likely cost you a little more than the average compact gym though.

6 of the Best Compact Home Gyms

So, now that you have basis on what you should look for in a home gym, let’s look at some of the best options on the market.


Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Pricey, but not the most expensive on the list, the Bowflex accommodates over 30 different exercises and offers up to 210-pounds of resistance. One of the downsides of the Bowflex is the size, as it needs at least a 100-inch x 78-Inch space. But if you’re looking for versatility in your workouts and don’t want to spend a whole lot on the extreme home workout machines, the Bowflex would be a good fit for you. Read our full review on Bowflex PR1000 here.


  • Sturdy and well-made machine
  • Perfect for at home switches
  • Can easily be switched between different types of exercises


  • The "210 pounds of resistance" was not quite as advertised according to many users
  • A few people complained about the machine not shipping with all the parts


Weider Ultimate Body Works

The cheapest option on the list, the Weider compact lacks options for workouts, and only allows up to 50 pounds of resistance. The good thing though is that if you are living in a small home or an apartment, the Weider is perfect for you. It can fold up and be put into a closet for easy storage when not in use. So if you aren’t looking to workout everyday, or lack space or capital for a top-flight weight training machine, the Weider Ultimate Body Works could be a good fit for you.


  • Total body workout with one machine
  • Very quiet machine, so you won't be bothering the neighbours
  • Perfect for getting fit, tone and healthy


  • Many people complain about the lack of exercise guide
  • Not always easy to store out-of-sight as it is quite bulky


Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

The Powerline compact gym is really everything you could want from a compact home gym, besides cost friendly. It has a 160-pound weight stack, allows you to work out most muscles in your body and only takes up 42 by 80 by 70 inches, so it’s also space efficient. It’s also well known for being very durable, and can last for years. If money isn’t an issue and you want a great home workout that will last a lifetime, the Powerline could be perfect.


  • Well built machine
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Versatile, meaning you can truly get a full body workout


  • Not really built for advanced workouts, more of a starter gym
  • Assembly instructions might not be as useful as one would like


Thane Total Flex Home Gym

The Thane Total Flex home gymoffers an eye-popping 50 different workouts, allowing you to workout your abs, arms, chest and legs, something most compact gyms can’t offer you for this price. It’s also only 27 x 23.5 x 11 inches and folds up smaller than a suitcase. Not only do you get the machine itself, but you also get six DVD workouts to help you learn how to use the equipment. The Total Flex truly is one of the better deals on the market.


  • Folds up easily to be put away
  • Includes workout DVD, meal plan and exercise guide
  • Very easy to set up


  • Resistance level may be more suited to beginners
  • The quality of the seat padding has been called into question


Flex Force 50 in 1 Resistance Chair Gym

Don’t have much time in your day to workout? Flex Force compact home gym could be your answer. This small workout chair only needs 20 minutes everyday to get a good workout in. Like the Total Flex, it also has 50 different workouts available, but the Flex Force is much larger, measuring in at 42.1 x 29.5 x 47.2 inches.


  • Great for circuit as well as cardio training
  • Easy to fold up and move anywhere
  • Very well built machine


  • A few people complained that they didn't receive the workout DVD along with the machine


XR 55 Home Exercise Gold's Gym

If you want to be doing more heavy weight lifting, the XR 55 compact home gym is your best bet. Offering up to 330-pounds of weight resistance.The XR 55 also has a lat bar and four-roll leg developer. The XR 55 is moderately priced, but is about the same size as the bowflex, and offers very similar features.


  • Perfect for full body workouts
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Assembly takes a long time
  • Once it is assembled, you won't be able to move it easily


According to surveys, 67% of gym members don’t actually go to the gym. If you’re one of those people paying for a gym you never go to, but still want to work out, you probably want to look into a compact home gym, and why not with so many options like the six above?

Why A Home Gym? Advantages of Having One:

We are all aware that membership fees at the gym can be really expensive. The simple alternative is that we can just buy our own home gym equipment and do away with monthly fees.

While it is true that home gym equipment are not that cheap compared to monthly membership fees, a one-time big expenditure can work out better than smaller but recurring expenses. You can consider it as an investment.

You will still be able to have your daily gym routine with no more monthly fees. It may take some time before you will be able to realize the wisdom in buying it, depending on the amount of the equipment.

But in the long run, you will see that the difference in having those monthly expense and buying the equipment can be a big addition for your savings account.

Having your own home gym will help you reach your body goals and attain a healthy lifestyle that is within your reach. Home gym equipment help you to exercise all your muscles and parts of the body: arms, abdomen, thighs, legs, back and chest. 

But of course, consistency will always be a factor in achieving effective results so following your workout program daily is a must.

If you are a busy bee but still wants to maintain a healthy body, you should definitely buy your own home gym. It will be a lot more convenient. It will save you the time (and gas) of going to the gym and you can have your needed body workout just outside your bedroom door.

Also, some people are very shy to go the gym. It may be your first time and you don’t know what to do with all the equipment, where to start and don't want to ask for a trainer to assist you. 

Or maybe you're just an introvert who wants to workout but is not comfortable doing it with others. There are also some people that wants to just exercise quietly and peacefully. Buying your own home gym can help you achieve that. You can do your routine all by yourself, inside the comfort of your home. You can freely up your favorite workout playlist and concentrate in achieving your body goals.

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2022)


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